We have 3 youngsters for sale. Others may be available.

2017 Foals for sale

Colt Lydvale Humphrey - Sire: Greenholme Eddy   Dam: Lydvale Heartsease  £600

Colt Lydvale Jasper - Sire: Lownthwaite Brandy      Dam: Waverhead Jewel III  £600

Filly Lydvale Daphne - Sire: Lownthwaite Brandy    Dam: Waverhead Frances £750

LYDVALE LUCY black filly born May 2013 - Sire: Bracklinn Dynamite    Dam: Lydvale Alice. Lucy will possibly make 13.3hh as she is a tall girl.  She should make a lovely ridden/ family pony  £1500 

Photos to follow.